#MyHealthDaily: 12-11-2016


This is my first posting for #myhealthdaily One thing that helps me keep track of what I'm eating is an app called YouFood. I've been using it for a couple years now and I love the [...]

#MyHealthDaily: 12-11-20162016-12-16T21:38:11-04:00

Daily Report of My Health


I am about to start something that is going to prove to you guys what an open book I am ? I am going to be posting my daily routine regarding what I eat, how much [...]

Daily Report of My Health2016-12-16T21:38:31-04:00

25 Tips for Mind, Body, and Spirit Health


I think I've always believed that mind, body and spirit health are related. As I explored what it means to be restored and pursued my Certified Natural Health Professional program, I began to see just [...]

25 Tips for Mind, Body, and Spirit Health2017-06-24T09:35:12-04:00

10 Fun and Free Dates at Home


With all the running around I do after the kids, prepping lessons and meal plans, managing my business, and making time for some self-care, my relationship with my husband often falls farther and farther down [...]

10 Fun and Free Dates at Home2016-11-05T15:51:13-04:00