Crafting a Customized Daily Prayer

I don’t know about you, but my family’s daily prayers are the highlight of my day. Daily prayer is the best way to center yourself, bond with family, and strengthen your relationship with God. While a stream-of-consciousness prayer is just as effective as rehearsed versions, taking the time to think about what we pray for can provide spiritual focus. As a busy mom, a customized prayer can be just the thing you need to cut through the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Write Down Prayer Points

Prayer points are a simple way to collect your thoughts, make sense of the day, and craft a more specific daily prayer. Take a few minutes to write down or at least bring to mind a few specific things you want to address in your daily prayer. It may be something that happened during the day that you want to give thanks for, or a person you promised to say a prayer for. Prayer points can keep your mind focused, give you a sense of direction, and make communication with God flow more easily. It can also give you peace of mind, squashing that feeling of “I’m forgetting something” that can come with saying a half-formed prayer.

Focus On Gratitude and Understanding

A daily prayer is a way to thank God for your blessings and focus on understanding and acceptance. While of course, you can throw in personal requests, your daily prayer should not only be about your own desires. This is an important lesson to teach children, who can often mistake a daily prayer for an opportunity to ask for new toys or trips to Disney. Establish that your daily prayer will focus on gratitude, peace, and closeness to God. It should be a time for reflection, acknowledgment of our own fallibility, and recognition of God’s greatness.

Include the Kids

Create a prayer, either with your own words or words of a prayer you already know and teach it to your children. Your customized daily prayer can include anything you want, as long as it will feed your spirituality. Let your kids join in, asking them what they would like the customized daily prayer to include. Then, learn the prayer by heart and make it a point to say it every day around the same time – at the dinner table, before bed, or first thing in the morning. Specific daily prayers can be perfect go-to’s for your children when they need to feel closer to God.

Pray Out Loud

Prayer can happen in any shape and form, but speaking prayers out loud as an individual or a family can help keep your mind more focused on God and what you’re saying than keeping it inside. Praying out loud can reduce the chances of your mind wandering in the middle of prayer, and help you connect more deeply with the Lord. Praying out loud with kids can be a wonderful way to start or end the day, teaching them the habit of daily prayer. Speaking prayers aloud certainly helps me in times of need, especially when I imagine God in the room with me, listening. Try speaking your daily prayer out loud today and experience the difference.

Reflect On Your Relationship with God

Prayer is all about focusing on your individual relationship with God. Reflect on your divine identity during your daily prayer and try to see things in the bigger picture. Know that God has a higher plan for you, and that praying can bring you closer to what He wants from your life.

Prayer takes meditation to the next level. It gives you an opportunity to talk with God, give thanks, listen, praise Him, and ask for spiritual support in times of need. I hope these tips help you improve your one-on-one relationship with God, and make daily praying a regular family routine.



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