Need the motivation to make healthy choices every day? Help with portion sizes? A workout buddy? There’s an app for that! One of my favorite things about technology culture is the number of handy apps for busy moms. I’ve already told you about one of my favorite apps, YouFood. Now I’ve done some research into the best apps for staying healthy in 2017, and I want to share them with you. See if any of these can help keep you on track to achieve your New Year’s resolution – which I hope included health and happiness.


Charity Miles


Charity Miles is definitely one of the top apps on my list. Not only does Charity Miles keep track of your workouts to help you map your progress, but it also donates money for every mile you complete. That’s right – you can donate to charities without spending a dime! Charity Miles works through corporate sponsors that make donations on your behalf for every mile you walk, run, or bicycle. When you turn the app on, you have to look at the sponsor’s ads or logos, but I think this is a small price to pay for free donations. Choose which charity you want to receive your donation before you workout, and then break a sweat for a good cause!




This free app keeps track of the calories you consume and the calories you burn to see how they balance. Calorie counting can seem tedious, but this app is compatible with many other fitness apps, making it simple. It pulls information from your other apps to gauge how much exercise you’ve gotten in a day. If your mission is to lose weight, MyFitnessPal can help. While getting healthy isn’t all about weight loss, tracking your eating and exercising habits can be a great way to assess where you are and figure out where you’d like to be.




Strava might be just the thing for you competitive moms. If you thrive in a group exercise environment but don’t have time or money to go to classes at the gym, download Strava. This app tracks your runs and bicycle rides and lets you compete against everyone else who has the app. This is a fun and motivating way to push yourself during each workout, especially if some of your friends download Strava as well. The app collects every person’s routes/times and tells you who has the best “score” along different trails. When you beat the highest score, everyone around you using Strava will know it!




If you’re a mom that likes to run with the kiddos or a stroller, Runkeeper is a must have. This is a great app for tracking your runs. It keeps up with the date, time, mileage, route, calories burned, and more, storing all the information in a digital diary. Better yet, it treats your runs like a mobile game, giving rewards for your efforts. This helps you form a habit of running more often. Eventually, you’ll actually want to make time in your day for running…or at least be more motivated to get out there once in awhile.


Now that you have the tools you need to stay healthy, it’s time to take action! I know it can be difficult to keep up with an exercise regime or food prep plan on top of your daily responsibilities as a mom. Involve the whole family or some friends in your app activities to hold you accountable. It may also help if you organize the apps on your smartphone or tablet to prioritize healthy living ones. That way you see them every time you pick up your device. I hope this helps you stay motivated, healthy, and – most important – happy this year!