Sanctity of Life day was this past Tuesday. It was also the 46th anniversary of Roe VS Wade. What topped off the night was the passage of the New York bill that allows abortion up through birth. If you’ve read my previous posts and my history you know this is my strongest passion. It’s not that I want to outlaw abortion, it’s that I want to change the entire mindset. This is not a legal issue, it is a heart issue. Abortions should not happen not simply because people recognize the science that this is a real human life, but also because they love and honor LIFE.

What I and my family do is we go out on the sidewalks of abortion centers. We plead for the moms to choose life. We are there to support them with all that they need. Even baby showers!

As much as I’d love to see many people out on the sidewalks, sometimes that’s just not doable. And that’s ok! There are so many ways that you can serve the unborn and the mothers who need help. I wanted to share with you some ways that you can get involved.

  1. Pray. This may seem too simple, but truly, how often do you pray when somebody asks you to? Prayer moves mountains! Prayer saves lives! Pray each morning for the moms, pray for the dads, for the sidewalk counselors, for the babies. Pray without ceasing, my loves.
  2. Support your local pro-life ministry. This is such a huge calling. It could be supporting financially. Buying baby shower gifts for the moms who choose life. It could be serving to do ultrasounds. Helping buy the books, baby models, signs, pamphlets, etc. There is a lot that goes into ministering in front of abortion centers. We have always paid for our supplies on our own and that’s not easy.
  3. Drop tracts near the Plan B’s in stores. This is something my family loves doing. We have a love for gospel tracts. Some are only gospel centered and some of them are pro-life centered. I highly recommend purchasing from Living Waters.
  4. Post the truth about abortion on social media. Do this, but be prepared for backlash. Not everybody is pro-life. Read books, follow pro-life leaders, get trained up. There is a way to post about saving babies without it always dissolving into a fighting match. Remember, God always wins. There are many broken people, too. Be ready to recommend Forgiven and Set Free for those who have had an abortion and are seeking healing and forgiveness.
  5. Visit your local abortion center and stand out on the sidewalks and just pray. It’s that simple. Do your research and find one near you. Sometimes it’s called Planned Parenthood and sometimes it’s not. We have visited the abortion center down in Orlando multiple times while on vacation. I highly recommend visiting the National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga, TN to learn the truth.
  6. Adopt a save! Ok, this may seem like a huge undertaking, but this is my biggest life goal! We’ve already been in touch with a pro-life adoption agency and I’m excited to see the Lord bring this to fruition! Some moms choose life for their baby, but they also choose to adopt their baby out to a loving family. Pray for the mamas who choose life and also choose a forever family for their little one.

I have no doubt you will hear me talking on this so many times! This is my ministry. This is my platform. My heart is to help others and that begins with the most vulnerable. Join me!