About Restoring Moms

I struggle. I cry. I don’t always know who I am.

13332894_1803025723317278_5891806783577372688_nWe sacrifice a lot for our kids. For our family. It’s all worth it, but it can wear us down. We can be restored and I’m on a journey to help you and other moms be restored to the moms we want to be.

In early 2015, right before I found out I was expecting baby #7, I began a journey to restore my health. After six babies, I knew I needed to do some things to get healthy and if we ever decided to have baby #7, I wanted to get my body, mind and spirit back into alignment. I made that commitment to get healthy one week before we found out we were expecting baby #7.

That pregnancy was one of my best. I hardly ever felt pregnant and to be honest – I didn’t know I was in labor for much of it before the baby was born.

After the birth, I decided to become a Certified Natural Health Professional. As a CNHP, my goal is help moms restore their health and spirit back to the mom they want to be. My goal is to connect the physical, mental and spiritual health to help you restore yourself.

After baby #8 was born, I went back and got my Doctorate of Naturopathy and became a certified Trim Healthy Mama coach. I want to help you on your health journey.

I am creating this site for you, but to be honest, it’s as much for me as it is for you. Please contact me if you have any questions or just want to connect.