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My Word for the Year


I love New Years! Love! Love! Love! My husband used to tease me every year. I’d ask what his resolutions were this year and he’d always answer, “my resolution is to not make any resolutions [...]

My Word for the Year2019-01-01T19:44:01-05:00

I Died 20 Years Ago


20 years ago I died. I said goodbye. I was done with it all. 20 years ago I was a brand new 18 year old. Not taking on the world, but blending in with it. [...]

I Died 20 Years Ago2018-10-21T16:05:26-04:00

The Healthiest Juice


If I had to choose my most favorite juice, it would easily be the Mean Green! This recipe comes from the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary. If you've never watched it I highly recommend it. [...]

The Healthiest Juice2018-01-24T15:29:04-05:00

The Morning Zinger!


As we begin our 3 Day Juice Feast in our Restoring Moms group I wanted to share some of my favorite juicing recipes with you! This one is easily the one that satisfies the sweet [...]

The Morning Zinger!2018-01-22T15:32:10-05:00

3 Lessons from The Greatest Showman


I finally had the chance to go and watch the most talked about movie of the season, The Greatest Showman. I was excited and even popped an entire box of tissues into my messenger bag [...]

3 Lessons from The Greatest Showman2018-01-20T17:03:59-05:00

Before and During a Cold


For the past 2 weeks my family of nine has been dealing with a little cold. Not horrendous, trust me, it could be worse, but still not fun. I've managed to stay stronger than the [...]

Before and During a Cold2018-01-02T17:51:08-05:00

Make Real Connections with People


How often do you make a real connection to the people you interact with throughout the day? We are constantly moving, interacting with the kind barista at the coffee shop, or the person checking you [...]

Make Real Connections with People2017-06-29T15:26:23-04:00



Do you write in a journal every day? Incorporating a daily journal practice into your routine can give you some positive mental health benefits. The act of writing with pen and paper gives you a [...]


Nighttime Cell Phone Use


Stop using your screens at night. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light, the light coming from your phone or laptop, late into the night can affect your sleep patterns. The act of responding [...]

Nighttime Cell Phone Use2017-06-29T15:16:32-04:00

Express Gratitude to God


In today’s society, we are constantly being faced with examples of how our bodies should look, rather than how they should feel. It is easy to be self-conscious and feel bad about how our bodies [...]

Express Gratitude to God2017-06-29T15:12:41-04:00
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