How is your Daniel Fast going?? If you began on January 1st then you’ve been going for one full week. Good job! I know it’s not easy and that’s kinda the point. To listen to God and not to your belly. I am so excited for you and for new changes!! Please know that I’m praying for you!

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your food choices, I absolutely love this dish. It’s been a staple of mine in past Daniel Fasts. A love of sushi helps. The ingredients are all a kind of use-however-much-you-want. It’s like making any kind of salad. Use less or more of what you like.

a sheet of nori
one avocado
cooked quinoa
1t dark sesame oil
2T tamari
hot sauce {the photo above is from pre-Daniel Fast and I used sriracha, but that is not allowed on the fast as it has sugar and such}

Simply put about a cup of quinoa in a bowl and add the tamari and sesame oil. Stir together. Add diced avocado and a sheet of shredded Nori. I just ripped it but I have used scissors before. You can use half an avocado or a whole avocado depending on size and how hungry you are. Then add a few drops of hot sauce and enjoy! This dish is simply devine! A great switch up from the normal day to day meals.

I hope this helps you on your fast!

Blessings ?