For the past 2 weeks my family of nine has been dealing with a little cold. Not horrendous, trust me, it could be worse, but still not fun. I’ve managed to stay stronger than the rest of the family and so I wanted to share with you the natural products I’ve been taking that I believe have helped me. Not indulging in lots of sugar I’m sure benefited me as well.

Braggs grape flavored ACV is easily my favorite beverage when I’m feeling ill. Sorry, orange juice has nothing on the healing properties of apple cider vinegar!


Sambucus Zinc Lozenges are so much better for you than those lil Luden’s cough drops we’ve all enjoyed. Though it was more like candy than anything beneficial. These taste good and include elderberries, zinc, and vitamin c!


XFactor Plus is my daily vitamin so I want to make sure I’m still taking care of all parts of my body, not just the parts screaming for attention. Plus, that immune system needs built up all the time. Don’t skip a day.


Zicam is a must at the very very beginning of any cold! When you are thinking “hmm, I think I *might* be getting something.” That is when you grab the Zicam! I personally prefer the cherry flavor.


Last, but certainly not least, Oscillococcinum, and no, I can’t pronounce that. I was thrilled to find this in multiple stores! Even CVS. I had purchased mine at Whole Foods and when I ran out I kinda freaked. Thankfully, I’ve been able to find a lot more homeopathic medicines easily these days. Yay, for natural healing! We need to let our bodies do what they were created to do – heal themselves!

I need to hit on one more thing. Water. I HATE drinking water when I’m sick. Especially a sore throat. That is the worst. And yet I will take so much vitamin c. NEWS FLASH: It doesn’t matter how much vitamin c you take if you are not drinking enough water. Vitamin C is water soluble. Therefore, don’t waste your money. If you are going to take your vitamins, please make sure you’re drinking enough to allow your body to carry them.

I hope this helps you to keep from getting sick or to at least make the time much shorter! Remember, take your daily vitamin and drink your water! Build up that immune army you have fighting for you. And keep that Zicam in your medicine cabinet just in case!