Missing #8

One month ago we learned that our eighth child was not going to be joining us earth side. That necklace in the photo? The Lord opened my eyes to it the previous night while visiting [...]

When You Need Help Sleeping

When it comes to sleeping sometimes it's just too darn hard for me to turn off my thoughts. I start making mental lists of all that needs to get done. And girl, don't even get [...]

The Sanctity of Life

**I am going to be very raw and vulnerable in this post. If you have any negative comments or opinions just scroll on by.** I found out, only five years ago, that I was moments [...]

Knowing Your Worth

When the day is over and you're crawling into bed are you able to look back on your day and feel accomplished? Do you feel like you rocked the world? Or do you look back [...]

Avocado Quinoa Salad

How is your Daniel Fast going?? If you began on January 1st then you've been going for one full week. Good job! I know it's not easy and that's kinda the point. To listen to [...]

The Unfathomable Declutter

Anybody else get a deep desire to declutter in January? It's like you still have this time before spring to get the house in order. Like, there's time to save the year and have a [...]

Simple Skin Care

Your skin is your largest organ your body has! It's amazing at detoxing yuckiness out. We see that a lot in pimples, sweating, etc. Which means we really need to take care of our skin. [...]

Finding Balance in Your Day

Have you ever heard the phrase: The days are long but the years are short. As a mom you know how true this is. When you were a child you believed you were never going [...]

2019 Daniel Fast

The beginning of the new year is when many churches will invite their members to join them in doing a 21 day Daniel Fast. So let's go back to the beginning: What does it mean [...]

My Word for the Year

I love New Years! Love! Love! Love! My husband used to tease me every year. I’d ask what his resolutions were this year and he’d always answer, “my resolution is to not make any resolutions [...]

I Died 20 Years Ago

20 years ago I died. I said goodbye. I was done with it all. 20 years ago I was a brand new 18 year old. Not taking on the world, but blending in with it. [...]

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