Missing #8


One month ago we learned that our eighth child was not going to be joining us earth side. That necklace in the photo? The Lord opened my eyes to it the previous night while visiting [...]

Missing #82019-03-05T12:09:35-05:00

The Sanctity of Life


**I am going to be very raw and vulnerable in this post. If you have any negative comments or opinions just scroll on by.** I found out, only five years ago, that I was moments [...]

The Sanctity of Life2019-01-18T16:15:05-05:00

Avocado Quinoa Salad


How is your Daniel Fast going?? If you began on January 1st then you've been going for one full week. Good job! I know it's not easy and that's kinda the point. To listen to [...]

Avocado Quinoa Salad2019-01-09T16:13:30-05:00

2019 Daniel Fast


The beginning of the new year is when many churches will invite their members to join them in doing a 21 day Daniel Fast. So let's go back to the beginning: What does it mean [...]

2019 Daniel Fast2019-01-02T17:00:39-05:00

My Word for the Year


I love New Years! Love! Love! Love! My husband used to tease me every year. I’d ask what his resolutions were this year and he’d always answer, “my resolution is to not make any resolutions [...]

My Word for the Year2019-01-01T19:44:01-05:00



Do you write in a journal every day? Incorporating a daily journal practice into your routine can give you some positive mental health benefits. The act of writing with pen and paper gives you a [...]


Giving Thanks Boosts Spiritual Health


Who says giving thanks is only for one day of the year? Thanksgiving is year-round in my household, where we make an effort to encourage gratitude every day. Giving thanks promotes good feelings like optimism, [...]

Giving Thanks Boosts Spiritual Health2017-05-24T23:29:31-04:00

Crafting a Customized Daily Prayer


I don’t know about you, but my family’s daily prayers are the highlight of my day. Daily prayer is the best way to center yourself, bond with family, and strengthen your relationship with God. While [...]

Crafting a Customized Daily Prayer2017-05-25T21:16:55-04:00

25 Tips for Mind, Body, and Spirit Health


I think I've always believed that mind, body and spirit health are related. As I explored what it means to be restored and pursued my Certified Natural Health Professional program, I began to see just [...]

25 Tips for Mind, Body, and Spirit Health2017-06-24T09:35:12-04:00
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