Missing #8


One month ago we learned that our eighth child was not going to be joining us earth side. That necklace in the photo? The Lord opened my eyes to it the previous night while visiting [...]

Missing #82019-03-05T12:09:35-05:00

Knowing Your Worth


When the day is over and you're crawling into bed are you able to look back on your day and feel accomplished? Do you feel like you rocked the world? Or do you look back [...]

Knowing Your Worth2019-01-14T17:56:36-05:00

Finding Balance in Your Day


Have you ever heard the phrase: The days are long but the years are short. As a mom you know how true this is. When you were a child you believed you were never going [...]

Finding Balance in Your Day2019-01-03T16:43:02-05:00

My Word for the Year


I love New Years! Love! Love! Love! My husband used to tease me every year. I’d ask what his resolutions were this year and he’d always answer, “my resolution is to not make any resolutions [...]

My Word for the Year2019-01-01T19:44:01-05:00

3 Lessons from The Greatest Showman


I finally had the chance to go and watch the most talked about movie of the season, The Greatest Showman. I was excited and even popped an entire box of tissues into my messenger bag [...]

3 Lessons from The Greatest Showman2018-01-20T17:03:59-05:00

5 Ideas for Memorable Family Pictures


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my family pictures from our recent holiday vacation in Melbourne Beach. I take every opportunity I can to document our daily life, travels, and adventures. [...]

5 Ideas for Memorable Family Pictures2017-05-25T21:23:23-04:00

The Importance of Skin-to-Skin Contact


I’m a firm believer in doing things as close to the way God intended them as possible. When it comes to the miracle of birth, I strongly advocate for skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. [...]

The Importance of Skin-to-Skin Contact2017-05-25T21:42:49-04:00

100 Conversation Starters


When we had all younger children, there was a period of time where my husband and I infrequently dated. It's difficult when you have a large family and no family nearby to date. When we [...]

100 Conversation Starters2016-12-16T21:23:41-05:00

10 Fun and Free Dates at Home


With all the running around I do after the kids, prepping lessons and meal plans, managing my business, and making time for some self-care, my relationship with my husband often falls farther and farther down [...]

10 Fun and Free Dates at Home2016-11-05T15:51:13-04:00
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