Have you ever heard the phrase:

The days are long but the years are short.

As a mom you know how true this is. When you were a child you believed you were never going to grow up. You waited and waited and waited til you’re a teenager. Then you waited an eternity and finally you were able to drive! You then waited and waited to graduate. Then college and/or marriage. Before you blink you now have a litter of children that are right near their own graduation.

If you’re anything like me I have all of these desires and goals I want to achieve each day, but I get distracted so easily. I fell asleep with an idea and minutes after breakfast with the kids I realize it ain’t gonna happen.

The days I remember the best are the ones that are organized. The ones that are run on routine.

This may look overwhelming and it is a lot of work. But the couple of days that it takes to create a family schedule will save you so much more time! And children love routines! Do you ever notice how their little internal clocks know exactly when snack time is?

This particular schedule was created using the MOTH system {Mangers of Their Homes}. I highly recommend this book. It took me three years before coming around and actually buying it. Really wish I had bought it at first thought. This is helpful for all ages but I think particularly so if you have small ones. And it may say it’s for homeschoolers but truly anybody and everybody will benefit.

My favorite part of these books is that they strongly encourage you to seek the Lord’s will for your schedule. I’ve tried many times to use other peoples schedules and failed miserably. Not all families run their houses the same. Priorities vary widely. Where one family may have time to wash their baseboards (not me) another family may need that time for cleaning their garage. You get the idea. Pray and listen to His will. You’ll be surprised at what He reveals to you.

Please do not think that you have to get it all done each day! Cause, I promise you, you won’t. If you do you may be doing too much. Make time for interruptions. Especially if the Lord opens the door to a new friend or a chance for your children to play. Or maybe you just need a rest! Don’t be Martha. Be thankful for your schedule but don’t hold to it as gospel.

{If you need help in beginning your children {or yourself} on a chore schedule look into their book Managers of Their Chores. But that’s another post}

Blessings ?