I love New Years!

Love! Love! Love!

My husband used to tease me every year. I’d ask what his resolutions were this year and he’d always answer, “my resolution is to not make any resolutions this year.”

Bah! Nonsense. I think resolving to become better is a beautiful thing! After all, isn’t that the beauty in Christianity? Each day we get to try again.

So I see New Years as a day that marks second chances. A day overflowing with grace. We all get a new slate. Yes, we ate too much over the holidays but this time we’re going to lose. this. weight. Yes, we still have that pile of books we wanted to read last year and never did it. But this year we will! Yes, we still are swimming in debt. But this year we’re gonna buckle down and get rid of it!

For about 14 years I’ve come up with a word for the year every year. It’s always been a heart searching time when I have to dig deep and find the word that is best going to help me become a better person. One of my favorite words was “immerse.” In the hopes of immersing myself in His word. Immersing myself in my children’s lives. Immersing myself in my marriage. Immersing myself into serving Him.

In 2017 I had the word “restore.” Can you guess where that led to? My focus was to restore my faith and restore my health. What a blessing that Restoring Moms was born that year!

This year after lots of prayer and heart digging I decided on the word “Consistent.”

Thank God for Pinterest and YouTube, because that was such a fun project! Inexpensive and a great memory!

I made this embroidery the evening of December 31, 2018. I want to follow through on what I say. Not just to my kids, but to myself. One thing I’ve done to help me achieve this is I made a list on the app Clear. Each day I have to make sure I do everything on that list. It’s not heavy duty, it’s quite simple. Things like read the Bible before breakfast, drink 96oz of water, walk 10k steps, family dinner at the table, etc. What is going to be THE MOST DIFFICULT is going to be limiting my online time to only 2 hours a day (that includes blogging). I’ve put that limit of my phone, as well. This is a big deal. you guys, and I want to encourage you to follow suit.


One of my biggest fears is my children’s memories of me being me looking at my phone all. the. time. We get one life and I don’t want to waste it watching other people live theirs. Very thankful Apple now offers a way to block yourself from being addicted to your phone. What a blessing! This is also giving me the push to use my real camera (that was bloody expensive anyway) and take sharper more heart felt photos! I’m anxious to get back into photograshy this year! If I’m using my phone to take pictures I promise you, I WILL feel the need to check Facebook or Instagram. Anyone else? I’m ready for some positive change!

Praying you are finding hope and inspiration in this new year! Don’t overwhelm yourself, baby steps are so important!

By the way, my husband did write out his goals for 2019! I’m so proud of him!