Your skin is your largest organ your body has! It’s amazing at detoxing yuckiness out. We see that a lot in pimples, sweating, etc. Which means we really need to take care of our skin. We don’t want that yuck staying in us. First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re drinking all of your water each day! That definitely helps with detoxing in multiple ways. If you don’t get it out then it’s gonna stay in you and ain’t nobody got time for that!

When washing my face I have tried multiple different things, however, I want to keep toxins AWAY from me! When walking down the aisles at the grocery store the face wash choices are not my cup of tea. I was at the Trim Healthy Mama store in Nashville a couple weeks ago and saw an item I had yet to try.

Introducing The Spünj

This little “sponge” is so healthy and refreshing! It is made from the konjac plant. If you are a fellow THM lover you know all about gluccie! That’s some good stuff there. My husband picked one up for himself as well. You know it’s a winner when the hubs joins in.

It’s very simple. The very first time you use it you will soak the hard little sponge until it is soft. You can easily do that in a bowl of warm water. You only have to do that once then keep it hanging on your shower faucet handle. That way it’s easy to use. Or keep it hanging on your bathroom sink faucet. I really appreciate that they have a simple string attached.

After you’ve cleansed your skin this is what I recommend for taking care of your skins microbiome.

There are bad microorganisms and there are good microorganisms.

Introducing joyōme

Joyōme helps replenish the good microbes and decrease the harmful ones. I have been using this since May 2018 and I have seen a major decrease in the redness, wrinkles, and brown splotches on my face. My goal is to not have to wear make-up as much. Thankfully, these two smell quite lovely.

Joyōme day serum.
☀️ smoother and more relaxed appearance of smile and expression lines
☀️ your crow’s feet will fade away
☀️ reduced appearance of dark circles and puffiness
☀️shrinks the appearance of over-sized pours

Joyōme night serum.
?age spots will fade
?deep lines and wrinkles will look visibly reduced
?a tighter, firmer, and lifted appearance
?erase the appearance of dull and uneven tone, making way for a flawless glow

I broke my wrist this past September and needed surgery. I have been using Joyōme on the scar and it’s helping dramatically! Specifically the night serum is working best for that. So if you have a scar you want to see less of I highly recommend this!


So there ya have it! Keep it simple! Later, we’ll get into grounding and body brushing.

You only get one body. Make sure you take care of it.

Blessings ?