When it comes to sleeping sometimes it’s just too darn hard for me to turn off my thoughts. I start making mental lists of all that needs to get done. And girl, don’t even get me started on cellphone use at night. I’m a sucker for it! I will stay up way past my bedtime when I get stuck in the scroll of death. And then that just starts the thoughts AGAIN! No y’all, our sleep is far more important than any social media time. Plus, did you know that your health suffers immensely if you’re not getting the sleep you need? You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. I use my FitBit to help keep track of how much sleep I’m getting. And you guys, I found what works BEST for me! If you’re struggling with sleep, I really think you should try some of these out!

First off, let’s do a quick chat about CBD oil. For the past couple years I’ve tried multiple kinds of CBD oils and Charlotte’s Web is the only version I’ve had the most success with. I really don’t want to dive into the details right now, because that could be an entire blog series. So, I’ll just leave it as: it helps me sleep deeper. And NO it is not a hallucinogenic. You will not “get high.” Go listen to the Trim Healthy Mama podcast on CBD. You’ll learn a lot!

Next up is Cedarwood essential oil. This here is a win/win! This helps to reset your pineal gland to produce natural melatonin. Not only that, it has helped me in actually having dreams. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning and everyone in the household is talking about their dream they had, well, I’m jealous! I want to have/remember dreams, too! This oil is a lil bit stinky, but worth it!

Next up, Melatonin from Whole Foods. This one, I’m gonna start nixing. It is technically a hormone replacement therapy and I’d much rather sleep in a pitch black room for a week and reset my pineal gland than take this. Not that it doesn’t taste good, cause it does. This is more for desperate times call for desperate measures. And I know us moms deal with that all too often.

Next, I am all about homeopathy! This here is Coffea Cruda by Boiron. This helps settle down your brain when you have hyper mental activity. This is a must for those darn middle of the night 2am freak outs. If your kids are struggling with sleeping as well, I recommend Cina by Boiron. It’s for sleeplessness in children. Another fave.

Last up is MegaX. This is the essential fatty acid that I take every night and I have for 4 years. It’s called “essential” because our bodies don’t make it. Some people say it helps them sleep, but I purposely take it because, well, I need it! As do you! I remember as a kid hearing the adults taking fish oils and they hated it. This here is my favorite! It is plant based and is made from the ahi flower and not from a fish. A sweet delicious taste that also helps to support your heart health. Go ahead and google Omega 3. You need it.

This one might freak some of you out, but just go with me. When the sun is setting, head outdoors barefoot. Stand in the grass watching the sunset. You don’t need to actually see the sun. This will reset your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is your internal 24 hour clock that tells you when you’re alert and when you’re sleepy. Just like a grandfather clock that needs reset, so do you! You can also shine a bright light behind your knees. That resets your clock, too. They can’t explain why it works, but it does. Both of those are free, so why not try them out?

Mamas, I hope and pray you’re getting the sleep that your body so desperately needs! You’re not the energizer bunny. You NEED your rest!